The Journey Begins

W E L C O M E   T R E N D S E T T E R S !

Thank you for joining me on this new project I have embarked! This is specially dedicated to the trendsetter inside of you who wants to break out of your generation’s standards and be your authentic self. The purpose of this blog is to share my passions on fashion, leadership, business and Christianity lifestyle. I hope anything of what I write encourages and impacts you to lead the way in fashion or ideas that you will implement in life.

What you will be reading is a collection of my expressions, opinions, and testimonies as a female millennial who is being impacted by the current new trends. I apologize before hand for the raw, expressive posts I will write! I love to say it like it is, no filter attached sometimes. But hey, I hope it will challenge you to reflect on yourself and think a little bit outside the box.

Without further due, lets get trending!


Don’t sit around and wait for the next trend to follow. Get up and set your own trends — Monica Bundy

Photo credits: @cynthiagarzaphotography

Fashion Rule #32: Don’t be afraid of a bigger size run

It’s been a minute but I am back! Been having creators block + holiday working hours for the past two months. Let’s be honest to each other…we don’t have active seasons all the time. But here I am pushing through this small valley in my creativity and writing my last fall blog.

Did this shoot a long time ago…but I was indecisive as to what fashion rule to base it on. I had three possible rules in mind but this one rule is the main purpose of this whole outfit.

While shopping I spotted this awesome silk burnt orange kimono….in the clearance section! As I gracefully ran across the other side of the store to grab and hug the beautiful garment (totally exaggerating LOL), I noticed there was none in my size. The only sizes available were 3XL or XL. I said YOLO, grabbed the smallest final sale item and created this look. Never allow a bigger size run to discrourage your trendsetter self.

I made this XL kimono work as an oversized outerwear and it’s now one of my favorite fall styling pieces. Decided to pair this kimono with a black lace onesie. Really wanted the color to pop and be the focal point of this outfit so pairing it up with neutrals gave it the look.

If there is a certain sweater or shirt you spot while shopping but cannot find your size don’t be afraid to go a bigger size. There are so many ways to create a look using oversized sweaters or shirts. You can add any accessories that will make the oversized look complete. As always a purse ties in the look but you cannot forget your favorite sunnies and earrings.

In the great state of Texas the chilly weather is finally amongst us and with that comes more cozy and layered outfits you will see in the next couple of posts. The holiday season is amongst us and for sure I’m ready to post Christmas DIY’s and New Years sparkly outfits. Be on the lookout for these next upcoming blog post by following me on Instagram @trendsbyalicia

Fashion Rule #21: Corduroy for Fall SZN

It is finally cold in the South Texas Area! Although we get a bit of Christmas vibes with these chilly days, don’t forget we are still in the fall season. And I am so in love with corduroy for the fall. I feel this fabric is a mixture of vintage + simplicity. The exact same day I wore this outfit someone was like “oh look at you with a corduroy skirt, that style is so 90’s”….which I responded, “well yes it is and it’s back”. (Insert emoji with sunglasses here).

In this look I wanted to keep the corduroy skirt the focal point of the outfit. This is why I kept my boot, bodysuit, and pursue all black. I bought this circle skirt at Forever 21 last year when they were on sale after the fall season so I didn’t get to wear it much. But this fall season though!!! Shout out to my friend for saving me this snake print Michael Khors cross body. At first I thought it would be too small to put anything in it, but it has so many pockets + a secret one I love. Honestly invest in some good black leather boots they are the must have boot for the fall and winter season; these are from Steve Madden and the fit is so great.


In love with this body suit I bought at Forever 21, my favorite store in the whole wide universe… just kidding! It is so comfortable and love the high neckline and open back. I added some artisan light gray earrings to contrast the outfit. If I would have gone with black earrings or earrings to match my skirt color, the outfit would have been so boring and basic. Never keep your outfit a two-tone color range, because that’s soooo basic! Three tone is the perfect starting point.

Shot these when the weather was still at 70 degrees, but for the chilly weather you can add a cream color coozy sweater, leopard print jacket, or even a long black pea coat.

Hope you were able to feel the fall vibes in this outfit and don’t be afraid to add corduroy to your closet. It doesn’t have to be a skirt but it could be a jacket, overalls, or even pants. Try it and you will not regret it I pinky promise!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @trendsbyalicia because I will be revealing my next giveaway this weekend.



Fashion Rule #35: Must have print – L E O P A R D

Fall is the seaon of prints! There is no exclusion for the trendy leopard print styles. Don’t know why but this print brings out the 90’s in me. Last year leopard print was just used to accessorize: only seen in shoes, scarves, purses. But this year it’s on! Everywhere!

Got this dress from A’gaci and it’s flattering to the body and has an awesome open back. Since it is a bit out of my comfort zone if I wear it by itself, I decided to pair it up with an oversized denim jacket. You can never go wrong with oversized outerwear. You can also style with some athletic zipper hoodie or pull over. I really don’t see this dress any other way than just 90’s theme. There is a lot of other ways you can style it up, but I want to keep it as a 90’s style piece in my closet.


Because the print is the main focus of the outfit, I decided to keep accessories to a minimum. Hoop earrings are the perfect combo of 90’s + minimum + girl boss style. Something about hoops just makes makes me feel the day is conquered. Your shoes will complete the vibe of the outfit. This dress can be easily paired up with some white sneakers, black booties, or even maroon sneakers or boots. Decided to add some more boldness to complete the look with a dark maroon lip color and winged eye liner.

However you decide to rock the leopard print make sure to make it your own style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the 90’s category but you can style leopard any other way. For more creative ideas on how to style leopard in any other style than 90’s, visit my Pinterest page. If you want to see any specific print being styled let me know!



Fashion Rule #8: Back in Black

Been stalling on this post for a while! Asides from losing all the photos from this shoot and only having 3 on my phone, I had different ideas on how to write this post. This blog post kept on changing from my basic writing to a tutorial type and back to just basic descriptive writing. I couldn’t decide on how to write but here it is!

Black on black is the ulimate go to for the fall and winter season. Everybody and their mothers know that. You can NEVER and I mean NEVER go wrong with an all black outfit. It can be styled with every type of shoe and any type of outerwear and accessories. Black is such a versatile color that you cannot miss out on.

As a trendsetter don’t make a mistake and look like everyone else who wears black on black. In this oufit I choose to go with a classic black on black look pairing it up with gold accessories.

Here are some ways you can style and change up a black outfit to make it your own.

Untitled design

  1. Accessories: From bracelets to rings and earrings you can change the style of your look by selecting your favorite jewelry. Statement earrings and necklaces are a good go. Simple studs give your black on black outfit a soft look. Remember your purse is your accessory too. Even when you decide to wear all black just by adding a printed or colored purse will make your outfit stand out.
  2. Make up: Bold lipstick colors or drastic eye shadow can change the look of your outfit instantly so go for it! But just pick which one so they won’t clash. Or you can decide on a soft pink or nude look, whatever you choose it will complement the black.
  3.  Shoes: This outfit look can be complete with any type of shoes. From sneakers to heels depending on the ocassion you can rock anything with an all black outfit. Any type of print and color can add style to your outfit.
  4. Outerwear: I didnt add any in this look, but outerwear is your BFF when it comes to sporting all black. Adding a classic denim jacket or printed is a different way to style this. Try not to make the usual fashion mistake and wear a black leather jacket. It looks nice, but you want to be a trendsetter and stand out.

Make sure to make your black on black outfit stand out this fall and winter season. For more inspired looks make sure to checkout my Pinterest board.




Fashion Rule #44: Mauve colors for Fall

Believe me, all I want to wear for the chilly fall days are dark colors. If you are like me and struggle to get out of the browns and black color palette I got you!

Recently discovered how turning Summer colors like pink, blue or yellow into mauve colors can be perfect for the fall. They are the perfect transition colors between Summer and Fall that can still work fresh and chilly weather. What is currently trendy is the purple and pink mauve colors.

Martin gave me a perfect idea and wanted to dedicate this blog to a special cause. October is for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we wanted to commemorate this cause. Martin and I wanted to dedicate this blog for those of you who have personally struggled with breast cancer or have had a family member of friend go through this hardship. I not only want to be able to share a trendy fashion post with you, but also help by supporting those going through a difficult season in their life.

Pink is the official color of the National Breast Cancer Foundation so in this look ofcourse I had to wear a cute but simple pink mauve dress to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket in the fall season. With mauve colors you want to pair them up with nudes or darks to make it stand out.


I decided to add some patter to my solid pink mauve dress by accessorizing it with a pink mauve snake pursue. This is one of my favorite crossbody purses. Although it is small it can store up a whole lot and I love wearing it in the fall. Pair this out fit with some dark brown boots and you are good to go! Snake print will be so in this fall season and I will later demonstrate you how do style it in another blog. But you can definetly start introducing this print with mauve solid colors. Aren’t you feeling the fall vibes already?!


Matching the brown colors with my purse I decided to pair them up with some trendy statement earrings. These earrings have a bit of light blue to match my denim jacket and give a contrast effect with the brown and nude colors. Makes the outfit complete!



In support with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Martin and I want to make a difference and want to there for those who have shared their stories with us. Here is the link to support this cause and help with monetary donations you can. We all might have encountered someone in our lives at some point who has been through this difficult route. We want to let you know we support and keep your families in our prayers.

Information, Awareness & Donations

October is coming to an end but Breast Cancer Awareness month to us is not just this month. But to us we will support throughout the year of any time anyone is in need.





Fashion Rule #11: Be a woman in business

Lovely ladies! This is one post that I have been really excited to write on. Not only because Martin really captured the essence of professional and they look so aesthetically pleasing. If I could be in business professional or casual attire every day I would! I would hate an 8-5 office job, but the only reason why I would do it is to dress professional every single day! No lie! I love the elegance and the classy vibes business professional attire gives off.

I’ve seen a lot of girls attempt to dress business professional but tend to miss a lot of very important rules on this type of attire. Key factors that will help you dress to impress and be respected as a woman in the business world. I hope this post will not only help you select your outfit for a job interview or important business meeting, but will challenge you to choose the right makeup, hair style and accessories to complete the business look.

Business professional look is the only style that has to be played by the rules in order to nail look

When dressing business professional, your dress must be at knee lenght or lower. I repeat, it MUST BE AT KNEE LENGHT or lower to be the correct lenght. Ladies I see this mistake happen time and time again. I’m sorry but you’re not going to a club, you are going to either an interview, important meeting or dinner. Also make sure NOT TO wear tight dresses. Fitted dresses are acceptable. You want to look professional and be taken seriously. A good business professional always wears a blazer. Make sure to wear an appropriate size of blazer, nothing too small or nothing too big. Investing in a nice blazer can make a big difference on your attire. I love blazers and I have so many for any occassion.


Moving on to my favorite: shoes. Ladies don’t be afraid to wear heels. Notice how I didn’t say stylettos, but heels. Your heels cannot be taller than 3-5 inches. I’ve seen so many girls do this incorrectly. Believe me the way other professionals will see your attaire will matter so much on your first impression. For accessories also keep it on a minimum. You don’t want to distract others our yourself. Also simple earrings and a watch will give you a clean look.


Your makeup for a business attire must be natural. Avoid vivid eye shadow and lipstick colors. You don’t want to distract on the job, you want to impress. You also want to look elegant and classy so natural colors will give you a clean look.

I promise you that by looking your best for an interview, meeting, business seminar, or anything that will require your elegant self, these rules are golden. As woman in the business world, we must not only be ready to close sales but also ready to impress and gain respect from those around us. There are so many woman in the business field that do not get taken seriously just by their aesthetic. Don’t just be the role, look the role and be your best at 100%.

For more fashion tips on business professional attire feel free to follow my Pinterest (link on home page).



Fashion Rule #48: Athleisure for rainy days

I love rainy days! Just something about the gloomy rainy days gets me living. The calming sound of light or pouring rain combined with the smell of wet dirt on a gloomy day is my favorite day. There are some people that don’t like to drive or go anywhere once it starts raining. But for those of us who love the rain and don’t let it stop us from our daily routine this blog post is for you!

It has been raining on and off for the last couple of weeks. And yes there is such thing as a rainy day outfit. I wanted to make this fashion blog post on a typical rainy day outfit: the rain boots, rain coat the umbrella. But I really don’t wear that on a rainy day. My favorite outfit to wear is athleisure.

For me athleisure allows you to feel the comfortable vibes from workout clothes but still has you feeling your girly self with your favorite add-ons. This is definitely not your typical rainy day outfit but it is my exclusive rainy day outfit.


I paired up these super comfy workout leggings with a cute crop top and a rain jacket. Yes that is the only rain related item asides from my umbrella. I like being comfortable while running errands or shopping on a rainy day. I feel the usually rain boots and rain coat is too heavy and clumpy for me.


Matched my Instagram Picks shoes with some statement earrings and my Apple watch to flow with the athletic vibes. The best thing about athleisure is you can mix girly items with athletic wear and get away with it!

I hope this post encourages you to wear whatever you want on a rainy day. You don’t have to wear stuff you don’t want to. Just like me, wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in so you can stay dry while being productive. And for me athleisure is the way to go on a cloudy day.



Fashion Rule #49: Festive Season requieres a festive outfit

Most of you guys reading my blogs are from other states or other parts of the world. Really appreciate the support by reading my creations. I am from a developing boarder town with Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Living in a boarder town and being Hispanic calls for our culture to celebrate holidays from both countries. Not just because I’m Hispanic, but I believe celebrating the Mexican culture is the most beautiful and amazing way to celebrate with our sister country.

Mexico has so many holidays they celebrate throughout the year. And when they get festive, it gets big! September is one of those months that our boarder city decides to go all out in celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

So going through my closet I realized I didn’t have any Mexican heritage outfit to celebrate part of my culture. I was so thankful to partner up with an amazing entrepreneur and have the chance to promote Viva Artisan Boutique. Viva specializes in selling artisan fashion clothing for woman and kids. They also have accessories to complete your artisan look.

I love these tops because they are fashionable and cultural at the same time. Because of their vibrant colors, they can be styled by themselves or add on a belt for a more cultural look. Loved all these colors and couldn’t choose which one to fiesta in.


Viva also carries these beautiful off the shoulder blouses that make any day a fiesta! When selecting an outfit to celebrate Mexican culture, make sure it has bright colors and has cultural heritage represented.

These are currently Viva’s top sellers. Make sure to check them out on social media @vivaartisan and on Facebook through Viva Artisan Boutique and get your festive outfit before they are gone!



Fashion Rule #14: Transition color palette is here

As summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching super slow here in south Texas, it is super difficult to know what to wear. Some days you still want to wear floral patterns with bright colors but it just feels off. Other days you are so ready for the pumpkin spice vibes slowly approaching and want to wear leggings and sweaters but it is still too hot outside.

This fashion rule will cover the color palette and patters to help you transition the most trendy and fashionable way into this fall season.

To start off you can never go wrong with black, white and red for basic transition colors. These colors are neutral, can be matched with either summer of fall outfits. Secondary colors for transitioning to fall are dark shades of green and blue. If you still want to add your girly colors pale colors like pink, yellow, and nude colors would also be good for this transition season.

Prints are also a perfect way to add statement to your outfits. In this transition season don’t be afraid to use jackets and shorts, YOLO! You can use as many prints, styles and transition colors as you want in one outfit. In this outfit, I used the camo jacket to tie in my off the shoulder white blouse and active shorts. I decided to add a pop of color with some red statement earrings. Play around with prints and don’t be afraid to wear as many different styles as you want this season.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

This second outfit is definitely going on my favorites list, specially the pants! Plaid is so in right now, and it could be styled by itself or as a matching set. In this outfit I styled the plaid pants with a graphic tee from Bold Love Apparel. Love their tees, super soft with a positive message. Decided to make this outfit more girly vibes by wearing strap heels and staying within the color palette. And yes this is the perfect start for the red lipstick! Finally we can sport this ultimate favorite lip color from here up until winter season.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

I honestly feel any printed top or bottom can be perfect for transitioning into the fall season. Remember for more transition or pre-fall outfits checkout my Pinterest for some ideas. I usually have all my Pins organized so you can checkout the tab for Fall/Winter under Fashion Book board.



Fashion Rule #40: Matching sets…Required!

All good things must come to an end they say. I cannot believe this is my last summer blog post! I love summer and its fashion! You can wear so many cute outfits with amazing pops of color, get away with any type of bold patterns, but best of all have lots of summer fun. This doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, no not at all. Although summer is my favorite fashion season, I am looking forward to the transition outfits for the fall. Believe me I am currently working on some awesome pre-fall content you will love.

Matching sets are a perfect way to end the summer because you can find them in so many different patters and colors. This is why I would recommend for you to at least have one matching set in your closet. I honestly love the fact these retro pieces came back and we can now rock them the classic way or the millennial way.

I had a very difficult time looking for the perfect matching set that matched my summer style, was comfortable, but most importantly, COVERED! If you are like me and you don’t want to show too much skin, this is a problem for matching sets. I searched everywhere! From online to retail, I desperately wanted to find a cute matching set that was able to have medium to full coverage.

I stumbled upon this matching set at Forever 21 and I loved it! It had the perfect colors for the summer and the top was not too short. Believe it or not the fabric on both pieces is a beach towel fabric. It is something unique added to my closet for sure! The top is a cropped tank and the bottom is a high-wasted skirt.


I would definitely say avoid wearing boots in the summer but totally making an exception with this outfit. These solid mauve Steve Madden booties are perfect to tie in the outfit together. I don’t really like wearing tight outfit on its own so I styled it with a denim button down. If you are like me and feel just a bit uncomfortable wearing a tight top with a tight bottom, wearing a layering piece will definitely make you feel more comfortable.


Since matching sets are meant to be the focal point of your outfit you really want to accessorize to a minimum, match with solids, and be subtle. I added some light pink drop earrings and just wore a simple diamond ring. You don’t want to accessorize a whole lot because your matching set is already a hand full. Your summer outfit cannot be complete without your favorite pair of sunnies.

I will forever miss you summer! Staying hydrated with yummy teas was my favorite part of you asides from wearing trendy outfits. Since it’s south Texas, I will probably continue to wear summer stuff until two million months from now when the weather actually turns fresh. (I love exaggerating, can you tell!)IMG_9450

If you have any suggestions for pre-fall outfits or would want to see how I style certain fall pieces leave me a comment below or send me a quick message on my Insta. Would love to answer your fashion questions. Honestly try adding a matching set to your closet. You will not regret it!